Gone Fishing?

After a long run I’m putting Slightly Worn Around the Edges on hiatus. I’ll probably post occasionally but it will be sporadic at best.

I’m trying out a new experiment over at Tumblr (More Internet Clutter). I think it fits in better with my current time constraints and headspace.

If I can figure out how to cross-post here from Tumblr then maybe there will be more SWATE posts than currently foreseen. Who knows?

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Today’s Something or Other

Guinness for strenght

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A recent poll by the Institute of Food Technologists has confirmed a pint of Guinness tastes better in Ireland than anywhere else in the world.

Via: Globe and Mail’s ‘The Drink

I concur.

(Food Technologists? Really??)

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Today’s Something or Other

My parallel parking job yesterday. Space is tight on my street – you’ve got to maximize every available inch (or is that centimeter?).

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Today’s Something or Other


The guys at Walnut Studio are craftsman of fine hand-stitched leather bicycle accessories. Their latest creation will assist all the bike commuters out there who want to grab a six pack after a long day at work. This basic leather strap will secure your favorite brew between your legs and hang on to it all the way home.

Via: Pop Pressed: The freshest in culture

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A Little Slice of Heaven

“Bacon Beer Bread Recipe”. Sound inspiring? I thought so too.

Apparently it is also extremely easy to make and the instructions call for you to take a nap while it bakes. Win-win!

The recipe is available at the Republic of Bacon. Thank you to LM for the find.


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Friday Music

I’m not sure what the best alcoholic accompaniment is for this song? A beer I would have had back in my university days when this song was popular (Labatt 50, Rickard’s Red) or should I drink some generic American beer since I’ll be in Pittsburgh tonight at the Igloo (I know it is not called that anymore). Rolling Rock would be nice.

Anyway, enjoy with whatever you choose to consume.


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Today’s Something or Other

Today’s lesson:  Football (soccer) players are classy.

One of Germany’s top football stars brought two women back to his flat believing his wife was on the other side of the country.

But 32-year-old Gerald Asamoah’s wife Linda had changed her plans and was upstairs asleep.

When she came down police said a “Wild West style catfight” broke out between the three women which ended with Mrs Asamoah in hospital with knife wounds to her hand. A thick bundle of her hair was torn out and thrown on to a sofa.

Asamoah, who has played 43 times for the German national side, met the women at a party for a team-mate in Hamburg’s red-light district. The men play for the Bundesliga team St Pauli of Hamburg.

After consuming champagne and burgers he invited the two women – known as Florence and Priscilla –back to his home.

His 30-year-old wife usually lives with their three children in the west of Germany, but had decided to remain in Hamburg that night. She is said to have walked in on her husband sitting with the two women at the kitchen table.

The situation soon became violent. According to testimony from Priscilla and Florence, Mrs Asamoah tried to grab a knife from the knife block but only succeeded in badly cutting her own hand.

Mrs Asamoah has lodged a police complaint against the woman who pulled her hair out.

German newspaper Bild reported that Asamoah left the scene telling police: “I have got to go to training.”

via London Evening Standard

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